Sardine price war erupts on Malaga beaches

The arrival of summer sees the opening of chiringuito’s (bars/restaurants) on nearly all of Spain’s popular beaches. While most chiringuito’s stick to selling snacks and drinks, the bars around Malaga sell sardines on a cane skewer cooked over the heat of an open wood fire.

Sardines caught locally together with catches from the waters around Castellón and Levante are a local favourite that has beach vendors competing fiercely for customers.

This year the competition is so intense that bars on El Palo beach are selling a plate of sardines for as little as 2.00€ ($2.38).


Paquito Medina, from restaurant Antonio, explains that having them at that price hardly generates profit but it does help them to keep the tables always occupied. “All customers want one, so it’s a good promotion,” he says.

Sardines are also extremely good for you helping to prevent heart diseases, certain types of cancers, and age-related macular degeneration.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and containing little to no mercury sardines are a source of nutrition we all need to take a second look at and while we may not be lucky enough to visit a chiringuito in Malaga, sardines are available canned in most supermarkets.


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